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A 3D Mandelbrot object

One thing that’s always fascinated me is fractals and how so many of them echo forms found everywhere in real life so I thought ‘how about making a 3D fractal sculpture?’.

3D Mandelbrot ‘sculpture’

The first thing is to find a fractal image I liked the look of so after a little playing around with I found a view that I liked and copied the image into Photoshop to create the layers Lightburn needs to create the laser project.

The source fractal image

As Mandelbrot fractals impart a sense of depth, each layer needs separating by colour, creating 21 or so layers, each of which is exported as a threshold black-and-white PNG. These PNGs are imported into Lightburn, traced and merged with a simple rectangular frame object across the layers.

The 20+ Lightburn layers

The layers are then arranged to be cut from the material (Greyboard in this case, for speed)…

Individual layers arranged for cutting

Then it’s just a matter of cutting, cleaning the edges and assembling in the correct order…


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