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Hellraiser box model
wooden ID tag
Two-colour illuminated acrylic sign
Powder-coated hip flask
Powder-coated hip flask
Wall Lettering
Illuminated acrylic business sign
Illuminated acrylic business sign
wooden ID tag
Two-colour illuminated acrylic sign
Powder-coated hip flask
Illuminated acrylic business sign
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Warwickshire’s premiere laser cutting and engraving service for non-industrial applications

Focusing on non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, MDF, card, slate and glass among others we provide an award-winning, versatile and high-quality experience in dealing with your needs from bespoke creations to branded items. At Surefyre Laser Design laser cutting and engraving is our passion and so is our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on excellent communication and we keep our customers informed at every step of their project no matter whether it’s small items like branded trolley tokens or larger projects like business signs.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Latest news

  • Business Spotlight on Surefyre
    Earlier this year we were invited by Hana Smiddy of Action Coach to feature in their Busines Spotlight series where I talked about the timescales and priorities of clients and out-of-the-box thinking among other things. The condensed version is on LinkedIn here and you can view the full YouTube version below.

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You can download our brochure here to see the variety of items we can produce for you or browse the online version.

Talk to us

If you want to learn more about what we do and how it can help you and your brand then there’s nothing better than a good old chat. Book a call with us to discover more and ask the questions you want answered.

Learn how laser cutting & engraving can help your business

Discover how the precision, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of laser cutting and engraving can help you add value and diversity to your business’ offerings.
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Acrylic signs

The versatility of acrylic means we can create some truly outstanding items. Coupled with our in-house 3D printing capabilities we’re able to create custom LED lighting units for our awesome dual-colour illuminated acrylic signs. Acrylic also lends itself well to small components, game pieces and many forms of signage, all of which, and more, we’ve created for clients at some point. When illuminated acrylic makes fantastic and unique business signs and often being USB-powered they are portable enough to go wherever you do, too, if you’re a business on the move. We’ve also developed our own illuminated lanyard tags with contactless technology which are perfect for standing out at events and sharing your links with a tap.

Two-colour illuminated acrylic sign
Dual-colour custom engraved USB-powered acrylic business sign, choice of any 2 of 8 colours


Slate is a great medium to work with because although you can’t laser cut it you can mark it at high resolution. In fact the resolution is so good that we tend to use it for measuring laser dots and calibrating dithering resolution. A wonderfully chic appearance for all manner of items from coasters to house and business signs.
Learn more about slate…

Laser engraved branded slate tableware
Laser engraved slate coaster


Card is a brilliant material in that it’s fairly robust and it retains fine detail when cut with a laser making it ideally suited for art projects, especially given its lightweight nature. Also, of course, it comes in many colours! Lighter weights of card also make fantastic and unique business cards.
Discover what we can do with card…

Laser cut fractal landscape created from card
20-layer fractal sculpture


Wood and it’s related materials such as ply and MDF cut and engrave fantastically and (in the case of wood and ply) you get that beautiful-looking natural finish which can be stained, polished or lacquered to further enhance it. It’s durable enough for many purposes from keyfobs to commemorative plaques and always adds a little special extra to things.
See what we do with wood…

Laser cut and engraved wooden business coaster
Branded business coaster

Who are we

We’re based in Rugby in the heart of the UK in wonderful Warwickshire with close links to Coventry and Birmingham. Our mission is always to provide excellent communication and top-quality output for your project with a rapid turnaround.
Discover more about us…

Beautiful Warwickshire
Beautiful Warwickshire

Get in touch

We always love a challenge so if you have a concept that you’d like laser cut and/or engraved then get in touch. Even the simplest projects can be a delight to see through to the final creation, it doesn’t have to be fancy although we can do that too of course!

Drop us a line or request a quote, either way you’ll find us friendly and attentive and full of great ideas for you.
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Check out our blog

From time to time we post what we hope is interesting and possibly entertaining information on our blog. This is a great place to discover a little more about how we work and think and why you should consider us over competitors.
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Discover our blog
Discover more about what we do through our blogs

Our online shop

We have a number of products that we sell in our online shop which we recently moved into our site, we’ll be updating and adding more items over the coming weeks.
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"The Tunnel" 3D illusion
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