Our signage is designed to project your brand and get you noticed. With  a wide range of materials and processing options it can range from items as small as ID tag and name badges up to panels and wall lettering and logos.

These are the most common approaches we use for signage which produce fantastic results…

Illuminated Acrylic Signs
(single colour)

Clear acrylic, when edge-lit, will illuminate an engraving giving it the appearance of hanging in the air. The colour of the illumination is determined by the lighting colour and most signs are USB-powered meaning they can be portable when connected to a battery pack.

Illuminated acrylic business sign
Two-colour illuminated acrylic sign

Illuminated Acrylic Signs
(dual colour)

Expanding on the single-colour illuminated acrylic sigange we’ve developed our own dual-colour system which allows for two illumination colours simultaneously with a pair of panels mounted side-by-side with each other.

The result is a neon-style two-colour sign with all the detail that print resolution laser engraving can bring.

Acrylic Laminate Signs

Acrylic laminate is an acrylic sheet with a thin layer of contrasting colour on one side. When this layer is engraved away by the laser the underlying colour is revealed creating a contrasting two-colour effect.

Laminate is both lightweight and weatherproof making it a perfect choice for outdoor applications as well as indoor, keeping a consistent look and feel inside and out. Several colour combinations are available including special effects like brushed metal and wood.

royal mail letter sizer wood

Wooden Signs

The natural warmth of wood always bring a touch of class and a hint of nostalgia and being able to engrave it to near print-resolution makes for some wonderful results.

From items as small as our NFC-enabled ID tags to wall signage, wooden items make a great design statement and provide an eco-friendly option.

All our wood comes from sustainable sources, of course.

Slate Signs

Slate always look incredibly smart and sophisticated. It can also be engraved to a high resolution meaning that the print-quality results always look sharp and the smallest details are preserved.

It’s also completely weatherproof, as you might expect, making it a durable choice as well. Not just great for signage, slate lends itself perfectly to tableware, too, meaning branded/personalised coasters and placemats also on the menu.

Wall Lettering

MDF Signs

MDF is one of the most cost-effective materials and is easy to laser cut into shapes although not so great for engraving.

This makes it ideal for wall lettering and logos, its light weight making it easy to attach reliably with adhesive strips (we use nano tape as it can usually be removed without damaging the surface, if needed).

Hybrid Signs

There’s no reason to limit yourself to having a sign in one material. We can combine materials as required to create look and feel combinations that really stand out such as this 60mm square hybrid sign for Boutique Marquees.

The panel is MDF coated with a real oak wooden veneer which was engraved with the Sperry Tent text and QR code. The company logo was laser cut from high-gloss black acrylic and mounted in the middle of the panel.

Boutique marquees sign

Whatever your signage needs, if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional printed items then book a call with us or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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