We can process a wide variety of materials to create your items including, but not limited to…

Trolley token cropped


The huge range of colours and finishes of acrylic make it an enormously versatile material to create from. With options of clear, mirror, solid colour, frosted, opal, flourescent and more plus its weather-resistance and easy availability it’s ideal for many applications.

When engraved clear acrylic is edge-lit the engraving diffuses the light giving the appearance of floating in the air, allowing for truly eye-catching signage.


Wood’s beautiful and natural appeal allows for the creation of unique standout items from eco-friendly ID cards to signage. Its innate warmth brings a wonderful sophistication to the simplest of items.

We only use wood from sustainable sources.

wooden ID tag
Penny farthing


The elegance of slate is hard to understate. When laser-engraved the finish is always incredibly smart, elevating  any design. It’s also one of the highest-resolution materials we engrave allowing for fantastically sharp results and details.

Its heat-resistance makes it perfect for branded tableware and its natural weather-resistance makes it a great choice for signage.


An extremely cost-effective material, MDF lends itself well to uses such as lettering and other shapes where you don’t want to use acrylic. It’s easy to paint, if needed and comes in a wide range of thicknesses.

It’s not suitable for outdoor use, though, due to the way it absorbs water.

Wall Lettering
Glass awards


From branded tableware to trophies and awards, glass is always a great choice for many applications.

Drinkware in particular can easily be personalised, allowing for that extra bit of ‘special’ at events and special occasions.

Anodised Aluminium

While we don’t process raw metal surfaces, a treated surface like anodised aluminium can be engraved with ease producing sharp high-resolution results similar to slate.

The result is tough and long-lasting with the durability you’d expect from a metal item.

Einstein dogtag
Laser engraved water bottles

Powder-coated metal

A common surface finish for water bottles, hip-flasks and other items, powder-coated metal lends itself very well to laser processing.

When engraved, the powder coating is stripped away by the laser revealing the shiny metal beneath creating a smart, high-resolution metallic result that lasts.

More materials than those shown above can be processed with a laser so even if something you have in mind to create is made from a material not listed here then feel feel to ask if we can process it for you.

Whether your material is listed or not, ust get in touch or book a call with us to learn more.