Our new Dreamcatcher clock design has been added to the shop! Find it here

Dreamcatcher clock
The Dreamcatcher Clock

Coming from a completely random moment on Twitter where #MHHSBD group had a theme of ‘Dreams’ for the day, this gorgeous dreamcatcher design emerged. The geometric design was put together in Illustrator and then exported to Lightburn for final layout.

testing the dreamcatcher design
Initial miniature dreamcatcher design

Areas were added for the numbers and the digits added.

With an easy-to-read face and gold-coloured hands and feathers, this looks fabulous in any setting and at 240 x 350mm doesn’t need to take over your entire wall!

Dreamcatcher clock body
Half-size test cut of the dreamcatcher design

It has a reliable quartz mechanism powered by a single AA battery to keep perfect time.

The laser cut components
The first Dreamcatcher Clock cut

A great head-turner and conversation piece which can be found in our shop here.

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