Laser cut card

Supporting print and cut with lasers

Everybody loves a fancy invite dropping through their letterbox and one way to add that fanciness is to laser cut them.
There’s plenty of ways to cut printed material and while many high-end printers support print and cut very few, if any, support the detail and resolution a laser can provide. We’re able to process items up to roughly A2 size on most print materials to 300 dpi resolution allowing for the finest control of the cut to provide the most delicate detail.

You print. We cut.

Small dreamcatcher detail

The cost of making a basic custom die – never mind an intricate one – can have many customers running for the hills, especially for lower volume runs where it just doesn’t make sense for their budget. With laser processing, as long as you have the vector shape for the outlines you want to cut then it can be done, including fonts. The setup is straightforward needing only your artwork with a couple of alignment markers for the software to align your digital file with the markers on your printed version. Many paper and card stocks are surprisingly robust and can support fine detail without disintegrating or falling apart making them a great, if not obvious, choice for laser processing.

Beyond paper and card we can of course process other materials like acrylic for you too, to help you expand your offerings beyond foamboard and correx for thicker media.
As we say at Surefyre Laser Design – “You don’t need to know laser cutting to offer it in your business, you just need to know us!”.
Get in touch with us now to run your ideas and requirements past us and discover the possibilities or, if your prefer, grab a Zoom slot for a one-to-one via our book-a-call link.s