New microcontroller designed In-house


Our new microcontrollers have arrived and we’ve successfully completed the first test with them. These tiny controllers were designed completely in-house and we’ll be embedding them initially into a new range of illuminated signage we’re creating which will feature colour and lighting animation control. Its built-in pushbutton also for a variety of user-selectable programs, too, […]

Business Spotlight on Surefyre


Earlier this year we were invited by Hana Smiddy of Action Coach to feature in their Busines Spotlight series where I talked about the timescales and priorities of clients and out-of-the-box thinking among other things. The condensed version is on LinkedIn here and you can view the full YouTube version below.

Why does a laser have to be focused?

laser cutting metal

Lasers are those famously parallel beams of light that go on forever right? Well sort of and in many cases they’re fantastic for super accurate measuring applications, line-of-sight comms links and all sort of other stuff. If you have a laser level in your DIY box you’ll immediately get this. So why does it need […]

Introducing our Contactless Business Tags


We’re excited to announce the launch of our Contactless NFC Business Tags which are perfect for busy networkers, events and exhibitions. Environmentally friendly Made from recyclable and sustainable birch ply, these tags not only enhance your contact sharing but also prioritise environmental sustainability. In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, business cards remain an important tool […]

Illuminated Acrylic Signs

Our Theo Paphitis SBS badge in illuminated acrylic

In the world of business, brand awareness is crucial for success. It’s what sets your company apart from the competition, and it’s how customers recognize and remember your brand. One way to boost brand awareness is by using illuminated acrylic signs. Our illuminated acrylic signs are made of high-quality acrylic material and feature LED lights […]

Branded Slate Coasters

Taylor Mayde coaster

Branded Slate Coasters Slate coasters are a practical and stylish way to promote your brand and improve your brand’s awareness. They are perfect for use in restaurants, cafes, and homes, and are a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience. Some ways in which branded slate coasters can help raise […]

New Laser Day


At the beginning of April we were excited to have our new laser system installed. This is a 100W CO2 laser which is a big upgrade from the previous small system we were using. Suppliers Mantech delivered, installed and tested it for us and also provided training on it. This machine greatly expands our capabilities […]

The Will To Win

The Will To Win sign

Today we delivered and fitted a wall sign for former British Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell at his business MB Partners. Mark has the motto ‘The Will To Win’. The phrase, used by his grandfather, has resonated with Mark throughout his life and he carries it through to his daily activities even now. When Mark […]

Surefyre receives Theo Paphitis SBS Award


Hot on the heels of winning the Theo Paphitis SBS last month we were at the ICC in Birmingham last week to receive our award from Theo himself! We’re extremely proud to have been selected for SBS. Only around 0.8% of businesses who apply via the Twitter or Instagram ‘hours’ are selected and this is […]

Local charity selects Surefyre Laser Design for medal production


We are excited to announce that Surefyre Laser Design has been selected by local charity Pass The Smile For Ben to produce their medals for an upcoming event at the end of March. We have been asked to make 100 double-sided wooden medals which will be created from FSC-sourced recyclable ply for the event. We […]