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  • Why does a laser have to be focused?

    laser cutting metal

    Why does a laser have to be focused? Lasers are those famously parallel beams of light that go on forever right? Well sort of and in many cases they’re fantastic for super accurate measuring applications, line-of-sight comms links and all sort of other stuff. If you have a laser level in your DIY box you’ll…

  • Illuminated Acrylic Signs

    Our Theo Paphitis SBS badge in illuminated acrylic

    In the world of business, brand awareness is crucial for success. It’s what sets your company apart from the competition, and it’s how customers recognize and remember your brand. One way to boost brand awareness is by using illuminated acrylic signs. Our illuminated acrylic signs are made of high-quality acrylic material and feature LED lights…

  • The Will To Win

    The Will To Win sign

    Today we delivered and fitted a wall sign for former British Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell at his business MB Partners. Mark has the motto ‘The Will To Win’. The phrase, used by his grandfather, has resonated with Mark throughout his life and he carries it through to his daily activities even now. When Mark…

  • Card boxes


    Card boxes There’s times when ‘standard’ sized card boxes just won’t do, we know all too well so we decided to make our own for some of our items! This of course means we can make yours, also! If you need some custom-sized small boxes, and you don’t want to order 250 at a time…

  • A laser cut String Quartet

    Violin f hole

    A laser cut String Quartet Working on unusual laser cutting projects is a joy as you get to exercise mental muscles for their design which don’t often get used. We were excited when local Creative Artist, Jana Eastwood, asked if we could laser cut cardboard which, of course, we can. We weren’t quite expecting the…

  • Lacquered Slate Finishes

    Slate housesign

    Lacquered Slate Finishes Matte vs Gloss finish comparison If you have any questions about slate finishes or anything else we may be able to help you with then don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask!

  • Laser engraving 3D features

    Borg cube

    Not to be confused with 3D printing which is completely different, 3D engraving is a method of creating a texture in the surface you’re engraving by varying the laser power. Here’s how it works… As the laser passes over the material it vapourises the surface of the material which is how the engraving is achieved.…