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  • Card boxes


    Card boxes There’s times when ‘standard’ sized card boxes just won’t do, we know all too well so we decided to make our own for some of our items! This of course means we can make yours, also! If you need some custom-sized small boxes, and you don’t want to order 250 at a time… Read More »Card boxes

  • Can a laser engrave in colour?

    Card power test

    This is an interesting and often-asked question about laser engraving. In general the answer is ‘no’ but there are exceptions when it comes to colour engraving, read on to discover them! Wood – Starting with the easiest material, wood and similar like MDF, plywood and other organic materials like card and paper, the answer is… Read More »Can a laser engrave in colour?

  • A 3D fractal sculpture

    One thing that’s always fascinated me is fractals and how so many of them echo forms found everywhere in real life so I thought ‘how about making a 3D fractal sculpture?’. The first thing is to find a fractal image I liked the look of so after a little playing around with I found… Read More »A 3D fractal sculpture

  • Personalised clock

    Personalised clock

    Hot off the design press, this 290mm clock design is intended to be personalised and is perfect as a commemorative gift or simply as a ‘Live Laugh Love’ style decorative clock. Make it your own with the wording of your choice! And here’s how it looks in real life

  • Making a wall clock


    Making a wall clock turns out to be more straightforward than it sounds as the mechanisms themselves are readily available, which leaves it mostly down to the actual design which starts in Illustrator with a clock face, numbers and marking and a design for the hands. The colours aren’t so important though I did stick… Read More »Making a wall clock

  • Making the Hellraiser Box

    Most people know what The Lament Configuration is though most likely know it as “the Hellraiser Box in the films”. It’s a legendary box which, in the films, was supposed to have been commissioned from a toymaker, Lemarchand, by the Duc de l’Isle who was obsessed with all things dark artsy, The Hellraiser box itself… Read More »Making the Hellraiser Box