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Our Theo Paphitis SBS badge in illuminated acrylic

Illuminated Acrylic Signs

In the world of business, brand awareness is crucial for success. It’s what sets your company apart from the competition, and it’s how customers recognize and remember your brand. One way to boost brand awareness… Read More »Illuminated Acrylic Signs

The Will To Win sign

The Will To Win

Today we delivered and fitted a wall sign for former British Formula 1 driver Mark Blundell at his business MB Partners. Mark has the motto ‘The Will To Win’. The phrase, used by his grandfather,… Read More »The Will To Win


Card boxes

Card boxes There’s times when ‘standard’ sized card boxes just won’t do, we know all too well so we decided to make our own for some of our items! This of course means we can… Read More »Card boxes

Dreamcatcher clock

Our new Dreamcatcher clock design has been added to the shop! Find it here Coming from a completely random moment on Twitter where #MHHSBD group had a theme of ‘Dreams’ for the day, this gorgeous… Read More »Dreamcatcher clock