We all know the Promotional Item. The mug, coaster, USB charger, pen, etc that’s on your desk or coffee table that you see every day. The list of items is endless and they all serve one purpose – to keep the brand of whomever gave it to you at the front of your mind. And it works!

Whether you want giveaway or goodie bag items for an event or something a little longer-lived like coasters or personalised items, we can create a wide range of promotional merch for you when you need items that are a little different to the run of the mill printed stuff.

Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets encourage a sense of fun, often being humourous. We can create your magnets from sustainably-sourced wood or more contemporary acrylic with a choice of magnetic tape or stronger neodymium magnets on the rear.


Perfect for charity events and also fun items for events and awards, wooden medals are smart and also bring eco crendentials to an occasion.

Trolley tokens

The humble trolley token! Small enough and cheap enough to be given as a complimentary item with orders or included in a goodie bag.

The use of flourescent acrylic in our own really helps create an eye-catching and useful item that can be popped onto a keyring. Our customers tell us they’re using them regularly

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