Welcome to your new Contactless Business Tag!

Thank you for choosing a Surefyre Laser Design Contactless Business Tag, we hope you find it useful and easy to use! Here’s some useful info on using your tag…

Programming your tag

You can program a wide variety of information into your tag and although it does have limited storage space you will still be able to put web links, phone numbers, contact info and more onto it.

To program your tag you will need a smartphone with an NFC app on it, e.g. NFC Tools which works on both Android and iOS devices. Typically you will choose the ‘Write’ option and the app will let you pick the kind if information you want to program, then (in NFC Tools) you can press the ‘Write’ button and it will ask to you ‘approach’, or tap the tag to your device and it will attempt to write your data, letting you know if it was successful or not. Sometimes you may need to retry, especially if you perhaps moved the tag during writing but this isn’t too unusual.

Using your tag

Using your tag is as easy as tapping it against an NFC-enabled device like a smartphone. Manufacturers put their NFC sensors in different places in their devices but usually in smartphones it’s in the top half of the phone, often near the camera. You may have to move the tag around slowly to get it close enough to the sensor! The NFC chip in your tag is at the centre near the bottom edge.

Make it your own!

NFC technology is great for personalising things so put the information you choose to share on your new tag and make it your own! We hope you find it an exciting and useful tool!