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Get a quote

If you have a concept which you’d like to make real then give us as much detail as you can about what you want and we can provide you an initial estimate to complete it based on what you’ve told us. If you’re happy with the figure then we can deal with any extra detail together in consultation to make sure we completely understand what’s involved and give you a proper quotation for the entire project.

Please include the material you have in mind (including thickness), the size and, if applicable your budget constraints. All of this helps us to provide alternative suggestions that could help with speed, costs, etc. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can but please allow a few days, especially if your needs are complex.

Alternately get in touch to discuss your ideas and how we can make them reality for you.

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Please provide a name for your project
How many of these do you require?
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Please provide the width in mm of the largest single part of the project e.g. words can be larger as letters could be made individually
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As with Width, please provide the height of the largest component of the project
Which material do you see your project being made from?
Let us know how thick your material is expected to be
Please include all extra details here, e.g. logo engraved in image, is it cut and then mounted on a backing, does it have any mechanisms (e.g. clock), and so on. The more detail you provide the better we can estimate for you.
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If you have a fixed budget constraint, e.g. this forms part of something you're providing to your own customer, then let us know