Make a lasting impression with laser cut business items

Business cards, almost everyone has them but out of the ones you’ve been handed, which do you remember? Most people have a drawer with a pile of cards in it that simply stay there which is why we’ve tried to step up the game a little with out laser cut concepts.

The Business Card. A normal single-sided business card in function but with laser cut features. The card itself has no ink on it other than the dye it was produced with and the laser power alters the dye to bring out different tones. Different card stock behave differently and we’ve found the better effects have come from darker stock so far. Also fantastic for comp slips and other similar items as illustrated above with the fictitious Carol’s Coffee concept.

The Useful Business Card. While ‘ordinary’ business cards carrying your contact information, etc, are good for that job we feel that a card can actually be of a little more use by including pop-out elements as shown above with the “Guy’s Guitars” example – the card contains a working guitar pick that you can simply pop out of the surround and use! Great for helping your business to stick in the minds of the people you give these to.

Laser cut business coaster

The Laser cut Business Coaster. If you’re still thinking your beautiful laser cut business card may end up languishing in a drawer full of other vanilla 85×55 cards then the business coaster might be for you instead, or you may want one to complement your laser cut business card theme. The coaster isn’t a new idea, there’s stacks of dreary 100x100mm ones out there but with the eye-catching advantages of laser cut coasters you can remind people of you every time they have a cuppa!