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Laser cutting card

Laser cutting card

Card can be a very versatile medium to work with when laser cutting. Due to the variations available in size, thickness and colour there’s a great number of possibilities. Pictured above is a 20 layer fractal landscape made from ten different colours of card. As you can see you can get some very fine detail indeed which makes for great freedom in design.

Laser cut business cards

Dye bleaching. At low powers the effect of the laser is to affect the dye in the card. This does depend on individual card stock and dyes used though it is possible to get some very useful effects by simply varying laser power. Despite having so many holes in it the card retains a lot of its original strength, too. The cardstock pictured above is 300gsm Keaycolour Holly.

Backing. At the more prosaic end of the usage spectrum 700gsm card makes for great structural backing for art pieces, too, and is quick and precise to cut.

If you have a concept that you feel would be great when laser cut from card then get in touch! We’ll communicate with you at every step of the process to ensure your vision becomes reality.