Wooden ID tag

Nature’s Touch of Style and Sustainability [view Shop page]

Forget mass-produced plastic and printed items! Step into the world of laser cut and engraved wooden ID tags, where warmth, sustainability, and unique style meet head-on. These little beauties aren’t just practical, they’re conversation starters with an eco-conscious edge. Let’s delve into why wood might be the perfect material for your next badge of identity:

Nature’s Embrace: Wood is a renewable resource, unlike fossil fuel-based plastics. Choosing wood means supporting responsible forestry practices and reducing your environmental footprint. Plus, each tag features the unique grain and warmth of natural wood, making each one a one-of-a-kind item. The soft touch of our premium birch tags really does help connect you with nature.

Express Yourself Loud and Proud: Unlike their plain printed counterparts, wooden ID tags offer a blank canvas for creativity. Laser engraving allows for intricate designs, logos, names, or even QR codes, all with stunning precision even the shape can be customised. Picture your company logo proudly displayed on a tag, or your child’s school bag adorned with a playful animal silhouette. The possibilities are endless!

Lightweight Champions: Don’t underestimate the power of lightness! Wooden ID tags are remarkably durable yet surprisingly lightweight, making them comfortable to wear all day long. Plus, they won’t weigh down your backpack or jingle annoyingly against your clothes. It’s practicality with a touch of nature’s grace.

Beyond the Badge: Think outside the box! These versatile tags can be more than just ID badges. Use them as personalized luggage tags, keychains with a touch of flair, or even name tags for conferences and events or to stand out when networking. They add a distinctive touch to any item, leaving a lasting impression. Furthermore we add an NFC tag to our tags, pre-programmed with the link of your choice and if you want you can reprogram the tag with another link yourself using a smartphone. A great way to save on giving out traditional business cards!

So, ditch the traditional and embrace the warmth, style, and sustainability of laser cut and engraved wooden ID tags. They’re a small choice with a big impact, both on the environment and on your unique self-expression. Let nature be your accessory, and stand out from the crowd with a touch of wooden wonder!

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